Welcome Class of 2020

Posted on: Oct 24th, 2020

We’re so excited for you to join Brown’s diverse alumni community…a community that includes more than 100,000 alumni and that spans the globe as well as countless generations.

Wherever your path leads, know that your fellow alumni are here to encourage and empower you—especially during these uncertain and challenging times. The Brown community is a resilient group, and that strength and adaptability are more essential now than ever before. We invite you to connect with us, attend events (virtually!), say hi, reach out, and above all, continue to be part of our amazing Brown family.

Ever True,

Brown’s Alumni Affinity Groups
Asian/Asian American Alumni Alliance (A4)
Brown University Latino Alumni Council (BULAC)
Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC)
Native American Brown Alumni (NABA)
Brown University Transgender, Bisexual, Gay & Lesbian Alumni Association (TBGALA)