Welcome New Graduates + Brown Announcements & Opportunities

Posted on: May 19th, 2021

Congratulations Class of 2021 and welcome to your Brown University Latino Alumni Council (BULAC). Bienvenidos a la familia!

Regardless of your current location or where you hope to be in a few months, you will be a part of an extensive network of Latinx alumni who are here to greet you and welcome you into an atmosphere of connections, networks, and non-stop reminiscing. BULAC aids in keeping, creating and fostering those relationships that are started at Brown amongst the Latinx familia. 

Whether you are navigating a job search or looking for new friends in a new city, we are here to help. Connect with BULAC by joining our FB group here or reach out to the BULAC E-Board at programs@bulac.org for individualized support. 

The Brown Center for Students of Color is pleased to announce that after a national search, they have appointed Vincent T. Harris, PhD, as associate dean and director of the Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC). With a decade of experience in higher education, Dr. Harris has been an unwavering advocate and effective champion for all students of color at predominately and historically White public and private institutions.  

Dr. Harris will oversee the BCSC by providing leadership, strategic planning, and establishing and pursuing priorities that are mission driven. He will supervise and mentor the BCSC’s professional and student staff and direct resource allocation to accomplish strategic objectives.  This important work includes budget management, fundraising, program development and implementation, assessment, and staff growth and development. He will develop and lead strategic partnerships and relationships with key stakeholders on and off campus to bolster the work and mission of the center. Key to this work will be his ability to develop programs and initiatives that building meaningful connections between all students (undergraduate, graduate and medical school students) and faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. In this role, he will work closely with the assistant vice president for Campus Life engagement to develop short and long terms goals, and develop the mission, vision, and goals for the BCSC. As a leader in the broader Brown and local community, he will help lead the division’s and institution’s efforts related to advancing the success of students of color specifically and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts generally. In accepting this position, Dr. Harris offered the following, “I am grateful, humbled, and ready to serve as leadership for the Brown Center for Students of Color (originally known as the Third World Center) as we continue to honor the nearly 50-year legacy of Brown boldly supporting undergraduate, graduate and medical school students of color.  It has been a professional goal of mine to amplify my passion of community inclusivity among race and ethnicity for all students of color, and I am very excited to join Brown in cultivating a sense of belonging not only for our students of color but also for Black men in America like myself.”  

Read the full announcement here.

The Class Leadership nomination process for class years endn in 0 and 5 is open now. A diversity of perspectives matter in shaping the engagement experience of your class and we encourage you to nominate yourself or fellow alumni for a class leadership position. 

Check out what leadership positions are open for your class and submit your nominations by May 25th.

Interested in mentoring and guiding current Brown students? Please see the following information about the Women’s Launch Pad Mentoring program and the CareerLAB’s Alumni Connections program.

Brown Women’s Launch Pad

The Women’s Launch Pad is starting a new mentoring cycle and actively recruiting alumnae mentors for the 2022 academic year. If you are an alumna (Class of 2017+) who would enjoy the mentoring experience and could be a resource for a senior or junior class woman (Class of 2022 & 2023), please visit our website to learn more about the program and complete the mentoring form.   Applications for this program will be accepted until June 30.

If you have questions about the program please contact Johanna Hussey, Assistant Director, Engagement Programs- Alumni Relations Department (johanna_Hussey@brown.edu)

CareerLAB Alumni Connections Program

Join us this summer for a new program to reimagine the way students connect with alumni.   Utilizing the virtual space, we are piloting an alumni connections program aimed at helping students secure important alumni connections during the summer months. Our hope is that these connections will have a great impact on their “life after Brown” planning, as well as expand their personal network.  Brown students need you to share professional insight, advice, and expertise. 

This pilot program will be a hybrid of both small group and one-on-one mentoring over the course of five weeks. We are asking you to dedicate 7-10 hours throughout the months of June and July to provide support and guidance to a dedicated group of students during small group mentorship meetings, and individual meetings.  In addition, all volunteers will participate in a speed networking event and interact with all students in the alumni connections program.

If interested in mentoring students over the summer, please fill out the BCSI Alumni Connections registration form by May 26, 2021.  Here is a pdf outlining the new program and our volunteer expectations.  We are available to answer any questions and hope you will join us in connecting with students this summer.

If you have questions about the program please contact Aixa Kidd, Deputy Director of CareerLAB (Aixa_Kidd@brown.edu)