About Us

All Latinos who are alumni of Brown are automatically members of BULAC. BULAC exists to support and facilitate connections among Latino alumni, alumni and the University and alumni with students. Leadership of BULAC consists of a board which includes appointed, regional and ex-officio members. Refer below for BULAC board member information.

If you wish to receive notice from BULAC regarding events, please send your contact information to Andrea McWilliams ’12 at andrea.mcwilliams12@gmail.com.

BULAC Board Members
Appointed Officers

President – Alyse Ruiz ’09

Vice President, Campus Programs – Julio Reyes ’12

Vice President, Communications – Andrea McWilliams ’12

Vice President, Finance –Juan Carranza ’12

Vice President, Regional Engagement – Marisa Hernandez-Stern ’05

Regional Representatives

Boston – Lily Ornelas ’07, Vicky Rivera ’93, Erika Ruiz ’05

Chicago – Miguel Blancarte ’12

D.C. – Rocio Rodarte ’11, Marcella Villa ’04

Los Angeles – Paul Aguilar ’06, Marisa Hernandez-Stern ’05, Ana Mascareñas ’06

Miami – Kim Arredondo ’11

New York – Rocio Bravo ’10, Adam King ’06, Andrea McWilliams ’12

Providence – Bryant Estrada ’13, Emily Gonzalez ’13, Emily Rodriguez ’09 AM ’12

San Francisco – Maria Gracia Galvez Picon ’94

Ex-Officio Board Members

Brian Lopez ’00

Dania Matos ’03

Ken Padilla ’92

Cayetano Sanchez III ’80

Brown University, Alumni Relations Contacts

Myra Liwanag ’91, Director – Regional and Multicultural Programs

Valerie Cordeiro, Assistant – Regional and Multicultural Programs