Strategic Plan

The mission of BULAC, a chartered organization of the Brown Alumni Association, is to maximize the Brown experience for Latinos, to serve as a representative voice for Latino Alumni and to assist in the unification of alumni efforts to further and support the interests of Brown University. These goals shall be accomplished through networking, advocacy, and engaging (educationally and socially) Latino members of the Brown Community and others.

On August 9, 2014, the BULAC Board Members of the 2014-2016 term gathered during a board retreat to review and analyze the Strategic Plan set forth two years prior, in August 2012. At the retreat, BULAC President, Alyse Ruiz; VP for Regional Engagement, Marisa Hernandez-Stern; VP for Campus Programs, Julio Reyes; VP for Finance, Juan Carranza; and VP for Communications Andrea McWilliams, agreed to continue to pursue some aspects of the previous board’s strategic plan.  That agreement resulted in current board members accepting and updating three objectives to enhance BULAC’s development:  Development, Outreach and Leadership Training.

Development continues to be a paramount goal as BULAC seeks to increase membership and alumni engagement.  As the Latino alumni population continues to grow, so should the organization that serves them. BULAC should be a vehicle for alumni to create and maintain relationships with each other and Brown University.  Since the drafting of the strategic plan from 2012-2014, BULAC successfully developed Chicago as a new region; we look forward to adding Texas as well, while sustaining and strengthening our current regions (Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Providence, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco). We have also successfully created a board position specifically overseeing Regional Engagement.  This position allows for a more direct and streamlined link between regional representatives and BULAC National.  This position would be able to clearly document events held in regions for both Alumni Relations and BULAC.  Finally, BULAC aims to host its first All-Class Reunion in the Fall of 2015 – one that will bring together Brown students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Outreach focuses on BULAC’s responsibility to the undergraduate, future Brown students and surrounding communities.  BULAC has to use alumni and their remarkable resources to assist undergraduate students who will eventually join the alumni community.  BULAC successfully endowed a student scholarship and has made great strides in connecting with current students on campus.  To build on this momentum, BULAC plans on launching a mentorship program during the Spring Back-to-Campus Weekend to help further cultivate relationships between current students and alumni.  Another major goal is to institutionalize the Latino Commencement Dinner, a key event in welcoming students into the alumni community.

Leadership Training is instrumental to influencing the future of Latinos and BULAC at Brown University.  To ensure longevity, BULAC must develop Latino alumni leaders to become more active in Brown activities.  BULAC will also encourage alumni leaders to participate as board members of BULAC as well as other Brown organizations (BAA, MAC, etc.), search committees, fundraising initiatives and the Corporation.  Furthermore, BULAC envisions being a repository for Latino information to assist Brown hiring at the administrative, academic and/or management level.

To further these objectives, BULAC will convene during an annual summer retreat to review each initiative, evaluate its success or failure, and develop a budget/plan for subsequent years. BULAC will then convene via conference call, at minimum, one per month, on the third Thursday of each month, at 9pm EST. This Strategic Plan will serve as both a guide and initial phase in BULAC’s endeavors.  The Plan outlines potential initiatives to be employed for each objective from 2014-2016.